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Information and Rules

For art featuring official (canon) characters, see our partner group:

Anyone can join. We would be happy to have you in this group. You do not have to be an advanced artist to be a member.

We hope to provide you with a lovely warrior original character collection for you to enjoy! Our mission is to inspire and provide a good example to beginning and less experienced artists to use references and practice their anatomy and art skills, because everyone of us has been a beginner, at some point!

Take a look at our guidelines below and keep in mind that we are in no way saying that lacking these requirements makes your art bad, it simply means that it is not what we are looking for, in this group. It is very difficult for us to stay consistent, because every artwork is unique. Understand that it is difficult for us to decline artworks as well. We are people and have feelings too. We are sorry for any of these inconveniences. Please do not take it personal and don't be ofended. Thank you for your support and understanding.

What we DON'T accept

:bulletred: Canon characters (characters that appear in the actual books) unless they are drawn with an OC.
:bulletred: Photos, photomanipulations etc...
:bulletred: Written works, text etc...
:bulletred: Chibis, heavily stylized, wonky anatomy and/or cartoon.
:bulletred: Human and anthro warriors.
:bulletred: WIPs, colored lineart, bases, or adoptables.
:bulletred: Recycled lineart.
:bulletred: Stolen work (this will get you banned from the group, no questions asked).
:bulletred: Messy, rushed lineart, shading, and/or coloring.
:bulletred: Sparklecats (cats with unnatural fur colors).
:bulletred: Characters with 'extreme' hair.
:bulletred: Photos of artwork. (Use a scanner or make sure it is clear enough.)
:bulletred: Traditional art that has been drawn on damaged paper or notebook paper.

What we DO accept:

:bulletgreen: Realism, semi-realism, slightly stylized art, good anatomy.
:bulletgreen: Clean traditional drawings and paintings
:bulletgreen: Clean digital drawings and paintings
:bulletgreen: Clean, shaded pencil drawings

Anyone can suggest a fave, whether the art is advanced or not. If I (the founder) think the art is suitable for the gallery, we will request to put it in our group gallery as well.

Please be respectful to our admins and other deviants and follow Deviantart rules. If your art isn't accepted, read over the rules and see what you could try to improve on to make it more realistic. Seek to improve, practice, practice, practice, not for us, but for yourself. Spam, advertisement and trolling will be hidden.


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We will affiliate with any feline group other than hate and anti-character groups.
Just send a request.
hello, sweeties
It has come to my attention that people have been posting canon art to the "canon related" folder, therefore I felt the need to clarify a bit. A description of what goes in each folder is also found in the respective gallery folder. I'd also like to thank everyone for submitting more artwork to the group. As you may have noticed, a new folder was created for Resources!

transparent bg
OC artwork without a background or with a one colored background belongs to this folder.

Cats with Background
Artwork with a background that puts the character in context belongs to this folder.

Portraits, headshots and busts belong to this folder.

Comic pages and covers belong to this folder.

refs and apps
character references or group application sheets belong to this folder.

Artworks featuring mainly an OC, but that maybe also has canon characters from the series or OCs with canon parents etc belong to this folder.

Couple-related artwork belongs to this folder.

Pixel art
Pixel art, icons, sprites and journal dolls belongs to this folder.

Our mission is to inspire and provide a good example to beginning and less experienced artists to use references and practice their anatomy and art skills. We have gathered a few useful tutorials that can help you improve or get inspired about cat anatomy, backgrounds, shading, coloring, themes or elements from the warrior world, various tips tricks and character creation.

Any length animations containing one or more warrior OCs belong to this folder.
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